20130713-075306.jpgMy target in February 2013 (when I started this blog) was simply to one day be able to run again. Well I’m over that gloom and despondency now so time to list some targets to push me through the rest of 2013 and my running “career” in general:

Do a sub-24:00 5K
I find 5Ks really tough. They’re just a bit too short but at the same time not short enough. A 5K was the first race I’ve ever did and 4 years later I’ve taken less than a minute off the time it took me to wheeze around Hyde Park in 2009 (my 9 year old daughter knocked 4 minutes off her PB in the space of a fortnight!). I need to do more of them – I have four parkruns within a 15 minute drive from home, but I’m full of excuses when it comes to hurling myself around a park at 9 a.m. on a Saturday morning. Achieved! 21/12/13

Do a 5K 10 minutes slower than Mo Farah
Watching the 5000m at last year’s Olympics really put things in perspective. If I could get my 5K time down to 23:41:66, should Mo just happen to have been doing the same race he’d have done a couple of Mobots, a lap of honour, showered and headed off home by the time I lurched over the finish line.

Do a sub-40:00 5 mile race
5 mile races are like 5Ks which go on forever. I’ve got a chance of having a pop at this target this year, running 5 miles around London’s Olympic Park and Stadium. I need to knock 1:41 off my previous time but I don’t think I’ve been strict enough on myself in terms of training and healthy living. Mrs RunDontRun is also running, so obviously I might be susceptible to a sudden race-ending injury, if there’s any hint of her showing her inevitable superiority.Achieved! 19/01/14, although on a training run and it was a bit touch and go with me deliberately switching routes towards the end to make the final “flourish” all downhill

Do a sub-50:00 10K
I’m really up for this one. I was 41 seconds too slow in Ashford last year, a “flat” course which turned out to have two or three hills and a race which I turned up late for and had to sprint to get to the start in time. With better preparation and a pancake flat course (preferably not scattered with sugar and lemon) this target is eyeing me nervously.Achieved! 01/12/13

No half marathon target apart from doing a “special” training run
I’m not sure I’ll ever improve on my curry fuelled last minute 13.1 in Worcester last year. As a realistic challenge, I really want to run home from work one day. It’s about 13.5 miles by bike so running it will make a nice way to celebrate the end of another day of fun at the office.
Achieved! 11/10/13

New and ongoing targets 2014

RUN a marathon
None of this walking after 20 miles nonsense, if I can run the whole of the London Marathon course next year, I think an improved time will be on the cards. Achieved! 13/04/14 Quite a way off that sub 4 hours target but I ran the London Marathon, slowly, from beginning to end

Do a sub-4:00 Marathon

My stretch target for London 2014. The half-marathon runes tell me I might just be able to do this, but my legs, especially the left one, are scoffing.

Do my 50th parkrun on my 50th birthday

When I worked out that my 50th birthday fell on a Saturday, the penny dropped that part of my celebrations might include thrashing my way around a local park in the mud. At the time of writing I have something like 11 months to do the required 26 remaining 5Ks. Hmmmm, a definite possibility.

Do a sub 1:45 half marathon

I recently decided I definitely love half marathons. Just the right length to stretch out and reach “cruising” speed. And not silly to cram a fair few of them into the space of a year. I plan to do at least three more of these in 2014 and might just find the magic formula to dip beneath this target time.

Get other people running

I reckon I’ve lured at least four people into the evil cult of running in the past couple of years. It’s been great as they’ve all been friends with similarly unsporty lifestyles to myself and they’ve all made steady progress and haven’t dropped out. At some stage I’d like to do something more formal along these lines, maybe through parkrun or training to be a run leader. When I go out with a whistle around my neck and a clipboard I’ll know I’ve arrived.


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