A Mile in My Shoes – A Run Don’t Run Mixtape

Yesterday I threatened a running themed mixtape. This morning, while most of my Twitter feed were on their way to various races, I lay in bed and got to work on my mix.

The mixing is basic and the beats per minute go up and down like heartbeats in an intervals session, but I like to think “A Mile in My Shoes” kind of captures the running process: Get Up, Leave House and then you’re Running Away. Your Run is now properly underway. You get Faster until you feel like you’re Moving Like a Train or indulging in a High Speed Chase. Then the exhaustion sets in – you repeatedly tell yourself to Keep on Moving (or Keep on Movin’) and then as the lactic acid flushes through your legs, it’s more a case of “Come On Feet“! Although you might occasionally kid yourself you’re in a race, as the end nears you remember that No One Gets the Prize. And then all that’s left is the realisation that for the next few hours, there’s No More Runnin (sic)┬ábecause it’s all come to an End.