A Mile in My Shoes – A Run Don’t Run Mixtape

Yesterday I threatened a running themed mixtape. This morning, while most of my Twitter feed were on their way to various races, I lay in bed and got to work on my mix.

The mixing is basic and the beats per minute go up and down like heartbeats in an intervals session, but I like to think “A Mile in My Shoes” kind of captures the running process: Get Up, Leave House and then you’re Running Away. Your Run is now properly underway. You get Faster until you feel like you’re Moving Like a Train or indulging in a High Speed Chase. Then the exhaustion sets in – you repeatedly tell yourself to Keep on Moving (or Keep on Movin’) and then as the lactic acid flushes through your legs, it’s more a case of “Come On Feet“! Although you might occasionally kid yourself you’re in a race, as the end nears you remember that No One Gets the Prize. And then all that’s left is the realisation that for the next few hours, there’s No More Runnin (sic) because it’s all come to an End.