Sounds of Running #2

I was overdoing it on the hydration front last night. Unfortunately this happened in a bar so today I can barely get out of my chair, let alone face anything involving real, live running. To compensate I’ve been thinking about songs that might fit in nicely on my running mixtape.

Did I mention I’ve been plotting a running mixtape? Not a mix of dodgy Dutch trance tracks with beats per minute that perfectly match my cadence while gradually driving me insane. Instead this will be a collection of songs I like that somehow complement the process of getting ready, going out on a run and coming home again. If I can get a grip on the world of digital djaying I might even share the results with you sometime soon.

imageThe Sly and the Family Stone original of “Running Away” is on the long list although I have this 1980s Paul Haig version gathering dust in the loft somewhere. For those not up to speed with obscure Scottish indie music of the last century, Paul Haig used to front a band called Josef K. They were an intense, less colourful version of Orange Juice (both bands were on Postcard Records) at a time when bands tended to jingle jangle their guitars. Josef K certainly gave good jingle jangle.

Running Away include a series of lyrics which could be seen as demotivational for runners:

“Running away, to get away,
Ha Ha Ha Ha,
You’re wearing out your shoes”


“Another day, you’re further away
Ha Ha Ha Ha
A longer trip back home”

The video also features two men, running. Possibly running away, but definitely running fast against each other. It also looks as though Paul and his mates have bet a substantial amount of money on the race. Or maybe they’re sponsoring them, in the days before JustGiving and the Internet?