Shoe Review?

ImageLast night saw Chapter 3 of the long, slow return to my hard fought status as a runner. Peter Pfitzinger told me to walk 3 minutes then run 7 minutes and repeat times three, so that’s exactly what I did.

The previous Saturday I’d treated myself to 45 minutes or so of expert gait analysis at Sweatshop and walked away with a pair of Brooks Ghost 5s. I’m a fickle shopper when it comes to shoes having flirted with no less than five brands since starting running 4 years ago. On Saturday I had the added bonus of being told I needed neutral shoes rather than the previous motion-control/stability “diagnosis”. It was something I’d long suspected ever since being told I had “the highest arches I’ve ever seen on a man” at a previous fitting.

This meant a previously out-of-bounds part of the running shop suddenly opened up to me. I tried a few brands and models and eventually plumped for the Brooks. I have to admit they felt good on the treadmill but might have been more swayed by the fact they were green and that I’d never “gone Brooks” before.

The shoes had been giving off their “come hither” vibes from their box ever since, but I was still in two minds over whether Sunday’s trudge through the cold mud had given Mr Stress Fracture the hump, so was nervous about trying a third run session. It was a bit like having a new car parked outside but needing to pass my test before being allowed to use it. Thursday evening presented me with a spare half hour with nobody in the house so I slipped them on and sloped off onto the streets.

What struck me as I walked and then ran around the block was how professional shoe reviewers managed to come up with so much detail about the “ride” that various shoes offer them. My views on the Ghosts were that they felt “good”. If Runner’s World were paying me by the word I might go on to say”Not clumpy but quite plush. Light as well”. And the green hue looked kind of fetching, although I might need to accessorise a bit more if I ever get fast enough to strut my stuff in the day time and fancy getting a nick name like “Green Flash”.

My shin held up nicely too!